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Transmission Fluid Changes in Waltham, MA

Changing your oil is not enough – your transmission fluid needs to be changed routinely as well.

While your transmission fluid will never burn up like oil, small tiny metal shavings from the transmission and other contaminants can shorten the lifespan of your transmission greatly.

Are you ready to pay several thousands of dollars for a transmission replacement?

You can avoid wear and tear on your transmission, and expand its lifespan by changing your transmission fluid regularly.

When to Change Your Transmission Fluid

Your vehicle’s owner’s manual will recommend when you should change your transmission fluid, but we do have a general outline of what most manufacturers recommend for vehicles on the road today.

  • Manual Transmissions: If you drive a manual, you’ll need to change your transmission fluid every 30,000 to 60,000 miles. Anyone that puts the vehicle to heavy use may need to change their fluid as early as 15,000 miles.
  • Automatic: An automatic transmission typically requires service at 60,000 mile and 100,000 mile intervals. But your owner’s manual will indicate the proper time to get your transmission fluid changed.

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The Importance of Transmission Fluid

Your transmission fluid ensures that all of the internal components of the transmission are properly lubricated at all times. Manual transmissions will have contaminants enter into the transmission, and automatic transmissions may have metal shavings that come off the transmission enter into the fluid.

Fluid will not burn up as seen with oil, but this does not mean that the fluid will maintain its lifespan indefinitely.

Metal shavings that continually reenter into your transmission will cause damage, friction and heat to occur. While these may not cause your transmission to need a replacement immediately, they will lower the lifespan of your transmission greatly.

If you don’t want to prematurely replace your transmission, make sure that you get routine transmission fluid changes.

In the event that your transmission fluid is low, it’s important to have the vehicle inspected immediately. Transmission fluid that is low indicates that there is a leak, and you will need this to be repaired immediately so that your transmission is not failed.