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What is a Driveshaft?

The driveshaft is involved in the vehicle’s transmission of energy. The engine produces energy through combustion, and then this energy goes into the transmission. The driveshaft is involved in transmitting this energy and converting it into usable torque. Torque is the hauling energy that your vehicle just created.

The torque is measured in newtons. This means that the faster and stronger the transmission turns the driveshaft, the higher the torque. The driveshaft is tasked with transmitting torque to the wheels. In rear-wheel-drive vehicles, the torque goes to the rear differential.

The driveshafts are more prominent in rear-wheel-drive vehicles.


Components of a Driveshaft in Rear-Wheel Drive Vehicles

The driveshafts have components that help deliver power from the engine’s rear-wheel-drive tires. The components of a driveline include:

  • Constant velocity joints and u-joints: A Front-wheel car will use velocity joints while a rear-wheel drive car uses u-joints. The inputs and outputs shafts are connected with a u-joint
  • CV axle: The driveshaft balancing axle is involved in transmitting power to the tires.
  • Rear Axle: Transmit power to the rear wheels.
  • End yoke and tube yoke ears: The tube yoke helps rotate the driveshafts and the universal joints. The end yoke allows smooth power transmission.

If the driveshaft’s components cannot transmit power to the torque, other components must do all the hard work. This means that your cars need driveshaft repair services. If you are in need of drive shaft repair services, Riverside Transmission offers repairs for damaged driveshafts in Waltham, MA, and nearby cities. Call our team to inspect all your driveshaft and driveline components.



A bad driveshaft will not function well and will put unwanted pressure on other components of your car. So, what are some signs that your car’s driveshaft, which is part of the driveline, needs service?


Quality Car Inspection

Below are some of the symptoms of a bad driveshaft.


  1. Vibration from Underneath Your Cars- 

    Vibration from your car is mainly caused by worn-out driveshaft bushings or universal joints. During installation, perfect driveshaft balancing ensures that drive shafts do not vibrate unnecessarily.

  2. Loud Noises from Your Driveshaft

    • Rattling Sound: Rattles do not mean that your u-joint is destroyed. They indicate that your drive shaft needs lubrication. Getting the grease and applying it to the u-joints will fix the problem now.

    • Squeaking noise: At a low speed, if you notice a squeaking noise, it means that your u-joints need lubrication. If the bearing is left without lube, it requires lubrication.

    • Clunking sounds: This is caused by a stabilizing axle. These noises could also come from where the universal joints connect to the transmission.

  3. Noticeable Shuddering When Accelerating-

    If your car shudders when you press the accelerator, you may need driveline repair or driveshaft balancing. This can cause your drive shaft to break, which is bad, and you may need a new one. Driveshaft balancing could save you the cost of repairing the whole drive shaft.

    If your car has this problem, don’t be afraid to call Riverside Transmission to fix your driveline.

  4. Difficulties When Turning Your Car- 

    When a driveshaft damages your u-joints, this will cause your wheels to bend. The car will then pull to one side, making turning difficult. During the transmission of power, your u-joints all rotate at a constant speed. If the joints rotate more than necessary, they may cause vibration that may damage the vital parts of the vehicle shaft.

    To diagnose a u-joint that needs a driveshaft repair, you need to crank your engine and take your car for a drive. You need to inspect your vehicle before you do a driveshaft repair.

Driveshaft Repair Steps

If you have the proper tools for drive shaft repair in your garage, you can do the repairs yourself.

  • Step 1.– Unbolt the bolt holding the driveshaft together. After you remove the driveshaft, you can focus on removing the u-joints.
  • Step 2.– Remove the clip that holds the driveshaft to the universal joints. There are 4-clips that hold the universal joint to the driveshaft.

  • Step 3.– To remove the u-joint from the driveshaft, you must apply pressure to the u-joint. Press the u-joint downwards.

  • Step 4.– After you press the universal joint, you need to remove the bearing cap. Repeat for the remaining three bearings.

  •  Step 5.– Before you replace the u-joints, you have to prep the driveshaft and clean the debris for the old part.
  • Step 6.– This involves mounting the universal joints and reversing the whole process. Remember to grease the universal joints to protect them from the elements.

Looking for Quality Driveshaft Repair Services in Waltham, MA, or the surrounding Areas?

At Riverside Transmission, we offer complete transmission services at a competitive price. Our auto repair shop is at 224 Newton Street in Waltham. You can call or email us at riversidetrans@verizon.net to find out how much labor costs and how much it costs to fix a driveshaft.


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