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Transmission Services in Middlesex County, MA

The transmission is an essential component of any car. It ensures the smooth and efficient operation of your vehicle. If you don’t take care of your car’s transmission properly, it might not work as well as it should, which will make your ride less pleasant. To avoid this event, you should seek the best transmission service in the area.

 If you are looking for the best transmission shop in Middlesex County, MA, look no further than Riverside Transmission.


Transmission Shop Waltham MA


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Quality Transmission Repair Services in Waltham, MA, and Surrounding Areas

We know how scary it is to look for quality transmission repairs, so we try to make our customers feel better. We can help you fix either a manual or automatic transmission and get your car back in good shape, and we have years of experience working on transmissions of all types and sizes, whether it is an automatic or manual transmission car.

Therefore, we have the necessary skills to get your vehicle moving once again when everything comes to a halt.


Shifting gears occurs automatically, so if you’re experiencing issues putting your car into gear or you hear a grinding noise when going into gear, then you might need a clutch replacement or repair services. If you notice the engine speed rising but the vehicle doesn’t seem to have power, it means the clutch is slipping.

Your car’s clutch lets the engine and gearbox connect and disconnect when you change gears. But over time, especially in cars with manual transmissions, the clutch starts to slip in strange ways and does its job less well. A damaged clutch causes the engine and gearbox to re-engage the mid-gear shift.

This could have severe effects on your transmission’s health. Luckily, the experts at Riverside Transmission can help.


clutch repair

Before we fix your clutch, we do diagnostic tests and a test drive to find out how well it works. We understand that the clutch system has many parts, and some of these parts control the actual operation of the clutch. After we figure out what’s wrong, we’ll fix the clutch so you can shift gears smoothly and without problems.

Our transmission services ensure you can have your car back on the road in no time.


An easy way to avoid a large transmission repair bill, especially with transmission fluid leaking from your car, is to flush the fluid according to the manufacturer’s guidelines. When there isn’t enough lubrication, the transmission’s many complicated moving parts tend to break down quickly.

At Riverside Transmission, we can take a sample of your transmission fluid to look at and figure out how long it will be before you need to replace it. Renewing the fluid ensures that your transmission remains in good working order. It also reduces the likelihood of costly repairs along the way.

We offer transmission fluid changes for manual and automatic transmissions. During the transmission fluid change, our expert mechanics will first remove all the old transmission fluid and then replace it with new and better transmission fluid.

Note that the transmission fluid change process differs between automatic and manual transmissions. But after seeing our experienced service technicians, your transmission will work better, and you won’t have to pay for repairs that were caused by old transmission fluids.

Transmission Fluid Change

Manual and Automatic Transmission Repair

No one should take transmission repairs lightly. The transmission links important parts of your car together, like the front and back axles. Therefore, it needs to be working properly at all times for your safety. You can seek our transmission services for issues like shifting gears, fluid leaking, a service light turned on, and many more.

We can also replace your car’s transmission if we need to, so you don’t have to worry about it again. Our transmission repair services will make sure you never have problems with your transmission. We have experience with a variety of transmissions, including front-wheel-drive transmissions.

All you have to do is book an appointment today, and we’ll provide all your transmission repairs.

A driveshaft is a mechanically revolving tube that transmits torque from the transmission of an automobile to the differential. If the parts of the driveshaft can’t transfer power to torque, then other parts have to do all the hard work. This points to the obvious fact that your vehicle needs a driveshaft repair service.

You can contact the specialists at Riverside Transmission for full inspection and repairs of all your driveshaft and driveline components in Waltham, MA, and the surrounding areas.


Driveshaft Repair

Have you discovered that your truck cannot handle the heavy loads and equipment you need? There’s no need to worry. One of our competitively priced transmission services is a heavy-duty upgrade for standard trucks.

It doesn’t matter what upgrade you’re looking for; we’ll help you ensure an upgrade that fits your work and lifestyle. Whether you’re looking to upgrade to vehicles like tow trucks or snow plows, the expert team at Riverside Transmission can make it happen for you.

We’ve been doing heavy-duty upgrades for years in Waltham, MA, and nearby cities. We work on all kinds of makes, models, and transmissions, including standard automatic transmissions. Therefore, we can guarantee quality and efficiency at every appointment.


Heavy Duty Upgrades

Get the Quality & Complete Transmission Repair Services in Waltham, MA & Surrounding Cities

Whether your transmission is automatic or manual, you should look for the best transmission shop. At Riverside Transmission, we offer quality transmission services for your vehicle. Whether your car shifts gears automatically or you have to do it yourself, our expert mechanics have the experience to deal with any performance problems.

Give us a call today or visit us online to book your appointment!